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The BarracudaDrive Bulletin Board

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The BarracudaDrive bulletin board is a free application delivered with the BarracudaDrive Web Server. The bulletin board, which is designed using cutting edge web-technology, looks and behaves more like a traditional Windows application than a web application.

No technical experience is needed.

The free bulletin board requires no installation or configuration. The BarracudaDrive Web Server's integrated database engine makes it possible for us to deliver a zero configuration bulletin board -- i.e. there is no need for you to install a database and connect the bulletin board to the database.

The Bulletin Board is one of five plugins delivered with the BarracudaDrive Web Server.


  • Fast:

    After the initial load, the bulletin board is extremely fast since the bulletin board is using web services when communicating with the server. Traditional bulletin boards must send the whole page content to the client every time the user interacts with the bulletin board. In contrast, our bulletin board only sends the changed content, making it very fast even on slow network connections. One can easily host a high volume forum from a home computer with a DSL connection.

  • Spam Prevention:

    Many bulletin boards, such as phpBB, get infested with spam. Spammers use automated computer programs to: trawl the internet for public bulletin boards, automatically register with the bulletin boards found, and infest the bulletin boards with spam. Since our bulletin board is using web-services, a spammer would have to write a very sophisticated program in order to spam the BarracudaDrive bulletin board. In addition, our bulletin board includes an optional spam filter that forces new users to play a hangman game and prove they are human beings and not spam machines before they can register.

  • Private or Public Forum:

    With one button click, you can select a public forum or a private forum that can only be accessed by users with a valid BarracudaDrive user account. See our blog for articles and tips for how you can manage your bulletin board.

  • Powered by Bindows:

    Bindows The BarracudaDrive bulletin board is powered by the Bindows "zero-footprint" Rich Internet Application framework. Bindows is used by large companies and governments for powering sophisticated WEB 2.0 applications. Now you can use Bindows on your home computer and reap the benefits normally limited to large corporations.