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About BarracudaDrive

BarracudaDrive is a consumer oriented subdivision of Real Time Logic, a software engineering company providing software components for industrial use. BarracudaDrive is built by using the same core software components used by large engineering companies including Honeywell, ABB, and military related companies. Real Time Logic's core product is deployed in electronics controlling building automation, security access related products in airports, military control systems, printers, movie cameras, and so on.

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BarracudaDrive delivers fast, easy to use, enterprise-level security and cloud solutions for small to medium sized companies, individual home users, universities, and students. BarracudaDrive is highly optimized for low-powered computers and devices, yet meets today’s demand for secure high volume use.

This Site is Powered by BarracudaDrive

BarracudaDrive powers this web site, the BarracudaDrive blog, and Real Time Logic's main site. Although BarracudaDrive's main focus is on the WebDAV and MxTunnel plugin, the server also works great as a general purpose Web Server. BarracudaDrive can also be used by web designers for designing advanced server side applications.

About Real Time Logic

Real Time Logic's main office is located in Southern California. See Real Time Logic's about page for contact information.


BarracudaDrive support related inquiries must be addressed to the BarracudaDrive forum.